It’s important that we do everything we can to ensure you, our customer, are satisfied with our services. Taking time to review policies and procedures ensures we’re doing what we can to meet your expectations.

However, sometimes mistakes happen that cause dissatisfaction with our services. When this occurs, we take the opportunity to learn what happened to avoid making the same error in the future. Below are our five key construction offerings that set us apart from other general contractors.

Five Key Construction Offerings

  1. Ensure We (Fleming West and you, the client) Know the Scope of Work – during our first and subsequent meetings, we focus on agreeing to the complete scope of work to ensure your project can be completed by our experienced team. If the project’s outside of our experience, we’ll get you on the right track by providing information on who may be able to assist you. Why do we do this? Because we want you to succeed.
  2. Before, During and After Photos – with authorization, we’ll take progress photos of your project. If we secure professional photos at job completion, we’ll provide them to you for your use. What better way to show your successful growth than with images of where you started and where you are now.
  3. It’s in the Contract – multiple reviews of your contract details, project expectations, budget and timeline are completed. No question is too small, no discussion or need is insignificant. We work on agreeing to the contract details and don’t leave anything to guess. Items that arise throughout the project are addressed with Requests for Information, Requests for Changes and Change Orders.
  4. Payment Schedules – we’ll work with you concerning billings, establish a Schedule of Values and payment schedule that you agree to which will be enforced.
  5. Keep it Professional – all communications come from our Project Team, who will be introduced to you. Knowing who to direct questions to and who to expect to hear from is in everyone’s best interest. Knowing our team ensures inquiries are addressed timely while keeping team members informed.

Customer relationships are built on trust and managed expectations. Our missions and beliefs support the value we assign to each and every client. You can expect us to be upfront and honest with you concerning our capabilities and your project needs. We ask you to be upfront and honest with us as well. Not all jobs are a good fit for us. Because of this, we’ll be an outstanding General Contractor and inform you of options should we not be a fit.

Some of our experience can be viewed through our Project Page. We’d enjoy chatting with you about your project and how we may help. Feel free to drop us a communication at or phone us at 480-951-5301.