Metal roofing is attractive, efficient and long-lasting in the Arizona climate.

Metal Roof


In our 20+ years in Phoenix we have re-roofed a great many commercial buildings with long lasting metal roofing, ideal for Arizona. Year after year-through heat, monsoons and dust storms-these roofs stand up to a climate that can be harsh.

Our clients love our Butler MR-24 metal roofing systems for many reasons, including:

Butler MR24 Trifold

  1. Lower Cost – We typically apply metal roofing over existing roof systems including built up single ply or outdated metal. This saves the time and cost of tearing off the old roof and disposing it in a landfill.
  2. Superior Protection – Nothing beats a metal roof for protection against Arizona’s heat, monsoon and dust storms. Metal roofs do not bubble, crack, blow away in high winds or accumulate layers of embedded grime deposited by dust storms in hot temperatures.
  3. Attractiveness – Our MR-24 roof systems come in a variety of great colors. You can coordinate your roof color with your building’s exterior or surroundings.
  4. Low Maintenance – Our roof systems can safe up to 90% over traditional roofing systems. Equipped with movable clips to accommodate roof movement in extreme temperatures metal roofs will not separate at seams and there are no nails to come loose.
  5. Long Lasting – Butler MR-24 metal roofing systems are proven to last up to 40 years.

Today, metal roofs are ideal for any commercial or industrial building. Acting like a monolithic steel surface covering your entire building and providing superior protection, these roofs can be quickly specified and built with minimal disruption.

Our Butler commercial roofing system is the #1 choice of building owners and property managers across the nation for these reasons and many more. Butler Manufacturing is the recognized leader in steel and metal building construction in the U.S., leveraging extensive resources in R&D to bring customers strength, durability and variety in commercial construction.

If you are considering re-roofing your commercial building give us a call at (480) 237-0765 or email us at info@flemingcomplete.com for more information. We’re always happy to chat or meet with you.