Metal Building & Roof Safety

Our metal building erection team takes safety to the next level while working on roofs. This East Mesa construction project shows active metal roof safety from our entire crew. Here you can see our steel erection crew is:
  • Using high ridge tie off points on the standing seam metal roof
  • The tie off points are spaced to eliminate cross over and additional hazards
  • The number of metal roof tie off points exceed the number of personnel, to allow for easier movement across the roof area
  • Adequate personnel are working along the leading edge to minimize movement during installation of metal roofing panels
  • A custom rigging and spreader bar is used for safe lifting and staging of this 45 foot long metal roof panels
We’re thrilled to have crews focusing on safety because they’re invaluable to us. Visit our safety page to learn more about Fleming West’s safety approach and support through Butler Manufacturing.