Steel Construction Industry Supply Chain Challenges


Everyone involved in steel building construction, from supply, to manufacturing, to delivery and erection, is experiencing unprecedented times involving shortages and delays.

As a Butler Career Builder, we’d like to take a moment to shed some light on these challenges and share the steps Butler Manufacturing is taking to mitigate these issues.



  •  G30 secondary material is in short supply and mills have placed customers on allocation. Fortunately, Butler Manufacturing has expanded its supplier base to minimize gaps.
  • Galvalume® panel materials is also in short supply. Again, Butler Manufacturing has tried to mitigate delays by expanding their supplier base.
  • Painted panel material can be an issue as key ingredients are limiting paint suppliers’ ability to supply material on some projects. Alternative paint systems are being reviewed to fill gaps.
  • Primer paint supply is limited as suppliers experience key ingredient shortages. Butler’s suppliers have responded by adjusting paint formulations and an additional supplier has been added to limit impact.
  • Gas shortages are causing challenges because Force Majeure has been declared by bulk gas suppliers, redirecting liquid oxygen for industrial use to hospitals for medical use in the treatment of COVID-19. Hurricane Ida also created another Force Majeure situation as it damaged production facilities for argon gas, which is used in the plasma cutting process of built-up frame members. In reaction, Butler has shifted supply away from bulk gas and is exploring alternate suppliers.


  • Driver availability is an issue. Butler has stepped up and added dedicated fleet service to several plants.


  • Everyone is experiencing higher absenteeism because of COVID-19. Butler is evaluating and updating recruiting to be more effective in today’s hiring environment.

We recognize the actions taken to alleviate the challenges we’re currently experiencing doesn’t make things easier, but hopefully sharing this information helps you understand what’s happening and why you’re experiencing delays.

These current times are challenging, but know we and Butler are taking steps to continue to deliver the best product and services.