28 07, 2017

Restaurant Design And Construction Trends

2019-07-30T22:29:47+00:00July 28th, 2017|

RESTAURANT DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION TRENDS Restaurant construction is booming as restaurants seek to become more competitive, efficient and sustainable. Americans are eating out more and our tastes have changed, which impacts restaurant construction in new [...]

13 07, 2017

5 Solid Advantages Metal Roofing

2019-07-30T22:30:13+00:00July 13th, 2017|

5 SOLID ADVANTAGES OF METAL ROOFING Metal roofing is attractive, efficient and long-lasting in the Arizona climate.   In our 20+ years in Phoenix we have re-roofed a great many commercial buildings with long lasting [...]

6 07, 2017

Trends Green Building

2019-07-30T22:30:30+00:00July 6th, 2017|

TRENDS IN GREEN BUILDING Brooks Sports, the athletic shoe and apparel company, first occupied its new headquarters building in Seattle in 2015. About the building, from the Brooks website: It’s LEED Platinum certified two times over: for construction [...]

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